Travel Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter can help those with limited mobility or leg or foot health issues lead the same active, healthy life they have always appreciated and enjoyed. If you depend on a mobility scooter at home or in your everyday life, travel mobility scooters can provide you with the same ease and convenience of use when you are out and about, whether you are on vacation or simply running errands.

Travel mobility scooters are highly portable scooters. Made with a lightweight frame, they can be easily disassembled to fit into tight storage spaces or compact vehicles. Their individual components usually weigh less than 30 pounds, making them easier to load and unload when needed. Travel scooters are also often foldable, so if more trunk or vehicle space is available, they can simply be folded and placed in the vehicle, with no need for a specially designed lift.

If you will be spending a large amount of time in your travel mobility scooter running errands, spending time with loved ones, or just sightseeing, it is important that your scooter be comfortable. A lightweight portable scooter can still offer many comfortable options, including cushioned seats, removable or flip-up armrests, as well as extra-wide or extra long spaces for those with long legs or who like a roomier ride. The top weight range for the average travel scooter is between 250 and 325 pounds.

Finally, safety is an important concern regardless of the travel mobility scooters you choose. Some styles are three-wheel and others are four-wheel, and which you choose will vary based on your needs. These smaller, portable scooters often have superior turning radii, a sturdy base, and anti-tip wheels.

If your independence and freedom is important to you, consider purchasing one of the many travel mobility scooters capable of keeping up with you.

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