Electric Mobility Scooters

With so many options for electric mobility scooters available today, how will you decide on the one that is right for you? It is important to take several different factors into consideration before you buy a new mobility scooter.

First you should consider how much time you will be spending in your scooter. If you will be spending an extensive period of time in a scooter, comfort should be a priority. A cushioned seat with a comfortable back and arm or head rests may be preferable to a molded seat.

Electric mobility scooters should also comfortably fit your body type. If you need extra width in the seat, many heavy-duty scooters are able to accommodate you comfortably. Individuals who may have more serious mobility issues may appreciate a swiveling seat that can help them more easily mount and dismount the scooter. A heavy duty scooter may also be more appropriate for those who must carry medical equipment with them.

If a scooter is going to be used for extensive periods of time, it is important to look for a heavy-duty battery that will last for many miles before it needs to be recharged. Consider too where your new scooter will primarily be used. Some electric mobility scooters are primarily for indoor use, while others may simply be too large for your home. Three-wheel scooters may be more comfortable for indoor use, while others find four-wheel scooters provide better support and stability outside.

If you plan on taking your scooter with you throughout your daily life, rather than just using it at home, a folding or travel scooter may be a worthwhile investment for you. These are often more lightweight than the mid-sized scooters and can be easily folded up for transporting or storing.

When shopping for new electric mobility scooters, it is important to find one to fit your life, rather than try to make your life fit your new scooter.