PaceSaver Mobility Scooters

PaceSaver mobility scooters come in a variety of scooters for people with a variety of mobility needs. PaceSaver offers the PaceSaver Plus III, the Fusion, the Espree, and the Eclipse series of scooters.

The PaceSaver Plus III comes in both Junior and Premier models. The Junior is highly maneuverable and ideal for indoor use with its tight turning radius and narrow body. It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, and the battery has a 30-mile range. Plus III PaceSaver mobility scooters are designed with easy transportability in mind, separating into three pieces with easy pull-pin action.  

The Plus III Premier offers 3 separate models, including the Plus III, the Plus III Titan, and the Plus III Atlas. These models feature the best incline stability in the industry with a superior suspension system all in a powerful, easy to drive scooter. The Plus III series can be used both indoor and outdoor, taking on up to 300 to 450 pounds of weight at a solid five miles per hour pace.

Fusion PaceSaver mobility scooters are the ideal indoor scooter, with a small turning radius and excellent maneuverability. The Fusion separates easily for transportation or storage. It can climb hills or zip along at speeds up to four and a half miles per hour with a 450-pound rider, making it a great scooter for outdoor use as well. The extra leg room offered by this three-wheeled scooter makes it a good choice for larger riders or riders with longer legs.

The Espree is one of PaceSaver mobility scooters, with a high backed seat, incline stability, and state of the art controller. Like the Plus III, it also comes in a Titan and an Atlas model, both of which offer simple pull-pin separation into four manageable pieces. The basic Espree has a 300-pound capacity, while the Titan has a 350-pound capacity. The Atlas supports up to 500 pounds.