Go Go Mobility Scooters

Go Go mobility scooters are made by Pride and are a great option for those facing mobility challenges preventing them from being able to walk extensively. They provide a smooth and comfortable ride, reach a fast walking pace speed, and are equipped with tillers that allow them to be steered. Some even dismantled for easier storage and traveling.

Go Go mobility scooters come in three basic series: the Go Go Elite Traveller, the Go Go Ultra X, and the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus. The Elite Traveller allows the user to easily dismantle it using just one hand, and when it is reassembled, it automatically reconnects the cable. It comes with a front-frame seat post for improved stability and is available in three different colors, as well as both three- and four-wheeled varieties.

The Go Go Ultra X weighs no more than 75 pounds and easily dismantles into five separate pieces, all weighing less than 30 pounds. It offers flat-free tires and superb maneuverability whether indoors or out. Like the Go Go Elite Traveller, it can be easily disassembled using just one hand, and the battery may be charged either on board or off.

The final option in Go Go mobility scooters is the Go Go Elite Traveller Plus, with a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, speeds of more than four miles per hour, and easy break down and reassembly. It comes standard with nine inch rear wheels and an 18AH battery pack, as well as wraparound tiller handles.

Any of the Go Go mobility scooters offer value and mobility to their customers are both simple and fun to use. Smaller than full sized scooters, these little powerhouses can get through narrow hallways, small rooms, or crowded public areas with no problem. Regardless of the model you choose, Pride and Go Go scooters are a solid value for your mobility investment.