Around-Town (Outdoor) Use Mobility Scooters

Just because you or your loved one has limited mobility does not mean you or they have to be confined at home. Outdoor use mobility scooters can provide those with limited mobility the ease of use of regular scooters combined with the convenience and flexibility that comes from a scooter that can be used outside of the home, on rough ground or smooth.

Shopping, picnics, outdoors festivals, or trips to the zoo with family or friends can all be more easily facilitated with the help of around-town use mobility scooters. These rugged scooters can handle people of all shapes and sizes, with weight ranges going up to 250 and 500 pounds. Some models easily break down into separate components, making it easy to carry your scooter with your wherever you may need it.

Outdoor use mobility scooters can often handle all kinds of terrain with as much as a 12 degree incline. Many scooters intended for outdoor use feature such amenities as front wheel suspension for a smoother ride and flat-free tires. Safety features may include headlights as well as turn signals so the setting sun does not have to put an end to a busy day.

Comfort is automatically built into around-town use mobility scooters, offering reclining and swiveling seats to accommodate a wide range of ability levels and comfort needs. Pillow-topped seats can add an extra measure of luxury, while some scooters even offer sliding seats to increase leg room for taller riders. Baskets are included for all those little extras, like purses or grocery bags.

No matter what your mobility need, there is a mobility scooter just for you. The price of a new mobility scooter may be reimbursable through your private insurance or Medicare, so if you are suffering from limited mobility, it may be time to explore your options today.

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