Pride Mobility Scooters

If you need a scooter that provides you with consistently high performance and rugged durability you need look no further than Pride mobility scooters. Pride offers a number of different models and accessories from which you can choose, and each is highly versatile, built for easy dis-assembly, storage, and transport.

Pride mobility scooters come in the Victory series, the Go-Go series, the Celebrity X, the Maxima, the Pursuit, the Wrangler, and the Travel Pro.

The Victory series comes in both three- and four-wheel models, each with easy-adjust seats, wraparound tillers, non-marking wheels, and “feather-touch” dis-assembly for quick storage or transport.

The Go-Go series comes in three-and four-wheel models, offering the comfort of a wraparound tiller, adjustable seats, nine-inch wheels, and one-handed dis-assembly. Interchangeable color panels allow for quick personalization. Go-Go scooters can hold up to 325 pounds and reach speeds of up to four and a half miles per hour.

The Celebrity X is a luxurious three-wheeled scooter capable of reaching speeds of six miles an hour with a 350 pound weight capacity. The Maxima model of Pride mobility scooters is also a three-wheeled scooter with a heavy-duty drive train, flat-free tires, and a quiet motor for indoor use as well as power and stability for outdoor use.

The Pursuit series comes with a hydraulic brake, full lighting package including turn signals, rearview mirrors, a reclining and fully adjustable seat with headrest, and 13” pneumatic tires for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Wrangler offers two four-wheeled scooter models and has dual motors, 13” all-terrain tires, and can reach a top speed of ten miles per hour ideal for rugged outdoor use. The Travel Pro, as its name implies, is a simple travel scooter that divides into 5 conveniently sized pieces and has fun, sporty styling.

Pride mobility scooters come in models for every budget and mobility need, whether you simply need a little help working around the house, walking your dog through rough terrain, or vacationing with your scooter.