In-Home (Indoor) Use Mobility Scooters

If you have limited mobility due to arthritis or other health issues, scooters can help you regain some of your mobility, improving your feelings of personal autonomy and self-confidence. Indoor use mobility scooters are battery-powered single rider vehicles that may have either three or four wheels, giving users not just an improved ability to move around their home with less assistance, but also more access to the outside world as well.

In-home use mobility scooters give their users the ability to move more easily from room to room and allow them to better care for themselves and their homes with greater ease and comfort. These scooters often have greater weight limits than the lightweight scooters, with some going up to 500 pounds, accommodating a wide variety of body types. Seats that swivel 360 degrees facilitate getting into and out of the scooter with ease. Padded seats with head and arm rests provide a more comfortable ride for users with a variety of mobility and movement issues.

Indoor use mobility scooters are often highly maneuverable, making it easier for their users to move throughout their house, around corners, in and out of smaller rooms and hallways, and around furniture. They are specially designed to fit through most doorways, as well. The reverse controls and tighter turning radii permit use under a variety of normal household conditions.

Average battery life and upper speed limits vary widely on in-home use mobility scooters, and some may be appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is important to take fit into consideration when shopping for a scooter. Scooter sizes vary, and some may more easily and comfortably accommodate larger or taller riders. Costs also vary widely, but both Medicare and private insurers may reimburse the cost of mobility scooters when there is a medical need.

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