Power Mobility Scooters

If it is difficult for you to walk more than a short distance at a time, you may be considering looking at power mobility scooters. Mobility scooters can help return independence, freedom, and much-needed mobility to those who suffer from mobility impairment.

Power mobility scooters can be used in the home or apartment, outside, or while shopping or touring. They can help you improve your speed of mobility, ease the exhaustion you may experience when running errands or going out, and keep you from being home bound due solely to mobility issues.

Safe and easy to operate, power mobility scooters can be a great choice for anyone with impaired mobility, from seniors and the elderly to those with a medical condition or disability that makes moving around difficult or excessively tiring. Even those with temporary disabilities or who have undergone medical treatment may find mobility scooters to be helpful during their recovery period.

Most mobility scooters have similar features. Some have three wheels, while others have four wheels. Upper speed limits, ground clearance, and weight limits vary among scooters, so it is important to look for the features most important to you.

Mobility scooters may be either front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Depending on your body type and the primary use of your scooter, you may prefer either. Front wheel drive models may be best for indoor use, while rear wheel drive models work well for carrying individuals who are heavier.

Power mobility scooters come in a number of styles and models to suit the unique needs of their users. Heavy-duty scooters can provide a more solid, reinforced base capable of carrying as much as 500 pounds, while lightweight folding scooters can tuck away easily into a trunk for transportation or a closet for storage. Whatever your mobility needs, there is a scooter able to meet them.