Portable Mobility Scooters

If you have limited mobility due to arthritis, disabilities, or are simply finding it more difficult to get around due to other health- or age-related concerns, you may find a simple trip to the grocery can leave you exhausted and frustrated. Limited mobility should not mean having to give up your freedom and independence, and, thanks to portable mobility scooters, you do not have to.

Portable mobility scooters can help you regain your independence without compromising on your health. These scooters are specially designed to be broken down into separate components and taken nearly anywhere you want to go. A lightweight frame means that each part usually weighs 30 pounds or less, depending on the brand and design of the scooter. If more travel space is available, the scooter does not even need to be disassembled and can simply be folded and stored or placed in your car, truck, or van.

Safety is always an issue for those in scooters. Some are designed for indoor use or outdoor use, and some are designed for both. A sturdy base and anti-tip wheels provide greater stability for going around corners or driving on uneven terrain. Superior turning radii and speeds of up to five miles per hour can provide you with the maneuverability you need for getting through densely populated areas or just zipping through your day. Optional accessories kits may include headlights or rear view mirrors for added safety.

Comfort is a priority, with cushioned seats and movable or removable armrests, wide bases for foot and leg room, and convenient front baskets for carrying all your extra necessities. Some portable mobility scooters can carry weights up to 325 pounds, making them a viable option for people of all shapes and sizes.

Portable mobility scooters are a great choice for those dealing with limited mobility issues who wish to stay active and involved, while retaining their independence.

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