Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can help those with limited mobility participate more easily in their favorite daily activities with more independence. Those things that once were painful or difficult can be easily accomplished using a mobility scooter. If you are shopping for lightweight mobility scooters to help you or a loved one better navigate your daily routine, you will need to make a few decisions about what you need.

Lightweight mobility scooters come in both three- and four-wheeled models. Three-wheeled mobility scooters are often more maneuverable than four-wheel scooters, making them a great choice for those who wish to use their scooters primarily indoors. Four-wheeled scooters have a broader base, which generally leads them to having more stability. Four-wheeled scooters may be a better choice for people with balance problems or who wish to use their scooter mostly outdoors.

If your new scooter is primarily for outdoor use, you will also need to check out the ground clearance of the models in which you are interested. Greater ground clearance means you will be able to more easily navigate curbs or uneven terrain. Ground clearance may not be an issue if your scooter will be used mostly or entirely indoors. Lightweight mobility scooters intended for outdoor use may also need accessories such as headlights, rear view mirrors, or turn signals.

If you plan on spending a great deal of time in your mobility scooter, you will want to look at comfortable lightweight mobility scooters. You may be more interested in cushioned seats with adjustable head and armrests. For those who may lack upper body strength, another important consideration will be the weight of the scooter. Many scooters easily disassemble or fold for easier transportation, but the weight of individual pieces should be checked out to ensure the primary user will be able to lift and use them as needed.