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Battery powered Mobility Scooter Purchasing Guide

Mobility scooters are a very important help for many individuals which gives them independence. They provide people the freedom of movement to go about their daily lives and duties. There is a wide array of scooters to buy on the market these days.

Kinds of mobility Scooters


Three Wheel Scooters

Scooters with 3 wheels offer extra maneuverability in smaller spots since they have a smaller turning radius then 4 wheel variants. They are generally small to medium sized and lighter in weight making them an effective solution for you if you have to have a mobility vehicle which is transportable. Quite a few disassemble into numerous smaller components that will be easier to handle are able to fit into the trunk of a car or truck. Some others fold up into smaller dimensions for travel or storage.

4 Wheel Scooters

These proved a more stable ride then a three wheeler and are more suitable for use over rougher ground. A few models offer full suspension and bigger tires that help them to move over many different types of ground.

Here is a list of some of the attributes to think about when looking for a new mobility scooter.

Comfort And Ease

If you are planning on spending lots of time making use of your mobility scooter you might want to make sure it provides a high comfort level. Seek out nicely cushioned seats that are adjustable together with a backrest and armrests. Top quality scooters come with suspensions which provide additional comfort as well.

Battery Duration

The battery is an essential element. You must be sure to get one which provides you with appropriate range for your day to day activities so that it does not leave you stranded. Charging time is also a important factor to take into consideration.

Over All Size And Maneuverability

The scooters dimensions are important if you plan on driving it in an interior or crowded location. A compact vehicle will be more convenient to maneuver as well as store when not in use. A scooter should be eay to steer and handle.

Weight Limit

You should check the weight limit associated with the product you are thinking about. Certain scooters might not be meant for larger sized or heavier individuals.

Extra Accessories

You can get a large variety of gear available for most mobility scooters. Shelters for bad weather , snow or wind protection are recommended for many folks who live in some areas while sun shades are a plus for the people in the hotter locales. Various other well-liked gear include things like cup holders , tote bins , pouches and extra safety lamps and mirrors.


The cost of a good quality scooter can be more than a few thousand dollars. These come with higher levels of dependability and sturdiness then what can be had on some low priced machines.